Your company will thrive when your employees have the tools they need to live a richer and more meaningful life.  


Help your employees overcome common (and costly) mental health challenges like anxiety

Support your employees' personal and professional growth

Nurture a cohesive corporate culture as your employees learn to have more positive interpersonal relationships

Times are tough, which means that many of your employees are struggling with their mental health, interpersonal relationships, and professional growth. 


You may not realize that their struggles come with a cost to your business. Support your employees and your organization by investing in quality psychoeducation from a licensed psychologist (in Dubai). 

This membership is a good fit for your organization if you want your employees to have...


✓ Access to high quality, cost-effective continuous personal growth resources and education for your employees with a simple click of a button


Resources to unlock their full potential by learning how to manage and cope with whatever life throws their way


 The newest and most relevant information about mental health, relationships, and professional development


Support from a licensed psychologist in Dubai that created the course based on techniques that she incorporates into her practice


 Flexibility to learn at their own pace, in their own time, and with full privacy, which will ultimately increase their participation in your wellbeing initiative


Thrive in 5 

with Dr. Sarah Rasmi

When you invest in your personal growth journey you will receive:


✓ Continuous and comprehensive personal growth instruction from a licensed psychologist in Dubai


✓ Relevant and up-to-date content to support your mental health


✓ At least 5 new modules added each year to support you on your journey


✓ Long-lasting changes to your lifestyle with the support of an experienced psychologist


✓ At home & self-paced modules that gives you real results at a fraction of the cost


Total Value Per Employee $1999

Get a Corporate Membership for as little as $10 per month per employee


Learn from a licensed psychologist (in Dubai) who has shared these tools with thousands of clients and used them in her own life too.  

Hi, I'm Sarah

I've supported thousands of people through the struggles that are holding them back in their lives, working with them to manage their thoughts and shift their behaviors to make real and lasting changes.

About the Instructor

Dr. Sarah Rasmi is a licensed psychologist and the founder of Thrive Wellbeing Centre. She leads a team of twelve mental health professionals. Dr. Sarah holds a Ph.D. from the University of Guelph in Canada. She is a former Professor of Psychology at the American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates University, and the American University in Dubai.

Dr. Sarah is a widely published author and award-winning speaker. Her academic work has appeared in numerous scientific journals and has been presented at many international conferences.

Dr. Sarah is a regular contributor to local and international publications on issues relating to mental health and well-being. Some of these appearances include Psychology Today, Vogue Arabia, GQ Arabia, Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Virgin Radio, Arabian Business, Dubai Eye 103.8fm, Vogue Man, and Psych Central. She was also one of three UAE academics that was invited to participate in Nissan's 'Brightest Minds of the Middle East' campaign.


We are a small company and a resource like Thrive in 5 is such an asset to us. The nature of our business is very responsive and as a result the team are always working hard. This platform is a wonderful way for me to invest in them; assist with their personal development and look after their wellbeing.

Harry Tregoning, managing partner of Tregoning Property

Take a closer look at the course modules

Thrive in 5's Core Curriculum

Each course in the core curriculum consists of 5 lessons per course and an interactive workbook to guide you through the lessons.


Identify perfectionism in your life, where it came from, and how you can manage it. 

In this course, I'm sharing the information I learned as I started to understand and shift my own perfectionism. On the outside, many people think that I “have it all.” I wish they knew that it rarely feels like enough. No matter what I do, no matter what I achieve, my eye has a tendency to go to what could have been better or faster. I also get ahead of myself, formulating the next set of goals without acknowledging or savoring the relative success that I achieved.

I did a lot of introspection and came to the realization that something needs to change. That's when I started researching perfectionism and all its facets. I was able to identify what perfectionism looks like in my life, how it developed and why, the factors that maintain it, and some strategies for managing it. In this course, I'll show you how you can too.

This course consists of the following modules:

  • Reflect on your own story of perfectionism
  • Recognize how perfectionism shows up in your life
  • Identify where your perfectionism came from and how it has affected you over time
  • Identify how to maintain the adaptive elements of perfectionism and move away from the maladaptive ones
  • Learn some practical, evidence-based tools and techniques to manage your perfectionism

Managing your Anxiety

Regain control of your life by learning to
manage your anxiety. 

We all get anxious sometimes. The difference between feeling anxious and struggling with anxiety is that people with anxiety disorders have intensive, excessive, and persistent worry about everyday life events. These fears, in turn, make it difficult for them to fulfill their personal, social, and academic or occupational commitments.

The good news is that we can break the cycles that fuel our anxiety. The key is making shifts to the way we think and the way we behave. This will be our focus throughout this course.

This course consists of the following modules:

  • Learn how to manage worries and unhelpful thoughts
  • Incorporate mindfulness as a way to ground yourself and let go of your worries
  • Make long-lasting changes to your lifestyle
  • Shift your behavior instead of giving into it
  • Learn how to embrace uncertainty rather than feeling overwhelmed by it

Connecting as a Couple

Deepen your relationship with your partner and feel connected once again

In this course, we will focus on feeling more connected to your partner. Many people feel lonely, disconnected, and yearn for the way your relationship once was. In fact, they are scared that their relationship might never go back to the way it was. I am here to tell you that you can find that spark again, if you are motivated, committed, and put consistent effort into improving your relationship.

This course consists of the following modules:

  • Learn how to communicate with your partner
  • Focus on incorporating more fun and play into your relationship
  • Explore how physical touch and emotional connection go hand-in-hand
  • Learn how to build more goodwill into your relationship
  • Learn how to share, plan, and move together towards what you want and need as both individuals and partners

Avoiding & Managing Burnout

Avoid burnout and take care of yourself physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually, and professionally


Burnout has been a problem for a long time, but it took on a different meaning in 2020. We are feeling more depleted than ever before. The vast majority of people I speak to are both physically and emotionally exhausted. Honestly, I can relate. That’s not all though - so many of us are working in difficult conditions, performing duties, and fulfilling roles that do not bring us any meaning, joy, or sense of purpose, even if they once did. On top of that, we are disconnected from our loved ones. Put simply, we are BEYOND burnt out.

The good news is that there are concrete steps that we can take to both avoid burnout and mitigate it if it strikes. This is what we will be doing throughout this course.


This course consists of the following modules:

  • Learn how to recognize burnout in your life
  • Focus on setting realistic expectations for yourself
  • Explore practical strategies that leads to a healthier work environment
  • Learn how to feel more connected and recharged by our social relationships
  • Shift your mindset to embrace uncertainty instead of being uncomfortable with it

As a member, you will also receive our signature Thrive in 5 mini-courses built for major impact for just 5 minutes of your time.

Below is a sneak peek at some of the topics we cover.

Improving Memory and Learning

There are certain things that we can do to remember the information that we are trying to learn. 

In this mini-course we will go through evidence-based strategies for improving memory and learning  such as:

  • Writing > Typing
  • Active Recall > Re-reading
  • Deep Processing > Shallow Processing
  • Mono-Tasking > Multi-Tasking
  • Distributed Practice > Cramming

Tackling Procrastination

Procrastination is a cycle. It starts with the beliefs we have about the task, our ability to do the task, and what we need to get the task done. These thoughts make us feel anxious, frustrated, and stressed. As a result, we tend to procrastinate, avoiding the task at hand.

Through this mini-course we will dive deep into some of the behavioral shifts that we can make to tackle procrastination.

Being a Body Confident Role Model

Body confidence is about appreciating, accepting, and feeling good about the way your body looks and feels. We want our children to be body confident because it is good for their social, physical, and academic development.

In this mini-course we will go through some tips for being a body confident role model to the children and teens in your life.

Forms of Self-Care

Self-care is about noticing and tending to our own needs. It is important because it gives us fuel, prevents burnout, and helps us live a life that is joyous and meaningful. In this video, try to identify a few self-care ideas that you would like to implement in your life.

Joining Thrive in 5 is more than just joining a membership. It's an opportunity to improve your employees' wellness and help them live a full life while also protecting your bottom line.

When you invest in your personal growth journey you will receive:


✓ Continuous and comprehensive personal growth instruction from a licensed psychologist in Dubai


✓ Relevant and up-to-date content to support your mental health


✓ Long-lasting changes to your lifestyle with the support of an experienced psychologist


✓ At home & self-paced modules that gives you real results at a fraction of the cost


Total Value Per Employee $1999

Get a Corporate Membership for as little as $10 per month per employee


Please Note:

Each purchase gives you access to one user license only. We trust you to respect the effort and time that went into the course by not sharing the information or login details with anyone else.


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Disclaimer: Before you purchase any course(s) or product(s) from Thrive Wellbeing Centre or under the brand Thrive by Five, please know that the information in the course(s) or product(s) is for educational purposes only and does not, in any way, substitute for medical care by a licensed provider. In addition, I am unable to answer any personal medical questions related to mental health as well.